How to Hire & Retain Millennials inside the Roofing Industry

It needs to come as no surprise that when it comes to employing possible brand-new staff members for your roofing or exterior contracting company that the swimming pool of skilled, dependable, skilled workers has actually been dwindling.

Trends suggest that around 20 percent of all [contractors] will retire during the next 10 years, and a total of 12 percent will be leaving the industry within the next 5 years. There’s one group that industry leaders are hoping will turn this situation around, the millennials.


Born in between 1980-2000s, millennials are generally categorized as being innovation savvy, salary-driven and always looking for their next chance. They have big expectations for themselves– most don’t own homes, or begin households until later which lets them focus on their career objectives early in their 20s.

In order to stay up to date with need and continue to grow, roof businesses have to broaden their working with searches outside of skilled professionals, and think about taking on and teaching millennials the advantages of working in the trade industry.


The issue that a lot of business deal with when it pertains to hiring millennial workers is mindset, both on the part of management, and on the side of the prospective new hires. Millennials have a track record for slouching, or entitled when it concerns their careers, and while there are bad apples in every group, if you set out to draw in and retain the ideal candidates, many companies will discover that not only are millennials in fact work-a-holics, however they bring energy, interest and new ideas to the table that can help smaller sized companies grow, when offered the right chances.


Bring in Candidates with Your Brand.


Today’s workforce mostly seeks to internet research when it comes to task searching. The first thing any major candidate will do after seeing a job publishing is to take a look at your website. If your company has a poorly preserved or obsoleted website, more youthful, more tech-savvy prospects might dismiss you out of hand immediately.

Additionally, having little to no presence on social media may be another turnoff. While you might see social networks as a wild-goose chase that has little to no influence on your bottom line, they see it as a sign that you are not current, and do not manage your brand the method they would think about to be force of habit.

Demonstrating that your company is up-to-date on current patterns, and that technology plays a large part in how you handle your organisation– whether through CRM platforms, applications or other software– will reveal millennials that you are progressive, and severe about remaining existing in the industry.

Another online aspect you need to think about when bring in a younger workforce is your track record. Do you have excellent evaluations on service-related evaluation sites? Millennials worth a brand with a good track record and if they see from reviews and comments that you’re not a trustworthy, decent location to start, they will be far less inclined to think about working for you, versus a competitor.


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Attract Candidates with Your Culture and Potential for Career Growth.

Millennials have the tendency to value positions that need an official education. Seasonal and trade work doesn’t constantly appeal when compared to a 9-5, so it’s crucial to highlight the advantages of operating in the Roofing market:


Profession Growth and Potential.


Setting out position expectations is necessary when brand-new hires are getting their foot in the door, however exactly what eventually lures millennials to remain is the opportunity to learn, grow and eventually continue down a clearly laid out profession course.

Millennials see worth in, demonstrating the potential the position has for their [profession] and talk about the chances for more success. Millennials wonder to understand how the position you provide is going to help them fulfill their profession plan and how it is going to take them to the next level.


Keep Your Culture Open-Minded.


Millennials are quick learners, and put a lot of weight on technology-driven services. By fostering a culture of knowing, open communication, and problem-solving, entrepreneur are most likely to highlight the ingenious side in millennial workers. Inquiring to solve particular problems, or use their viewpoints can likewise help them seem like they are a part of a team, and less like somebody who is just there to fall in line.


Retaining Millennial Candidates:

Offer Training Programs or Certifications.


Maybe contrary to popular belief, millennials are not lazy– they wish to be challenged in way they can see having an influence on their career and on your business. By encouraging as well as using to help millennial employees acquire additional accreditations, join trade mentorship programs, or provide extra training, you show them that you are bought their future, which they can have a quantifiable effect on the success of your business.


Let them Help You.


As the more youthful generation, millennials are intuitively able to select things up rapidly– especially when it comes to innovation associated processes. If your business uses a CRM or business management software application, you will be astonished at how quickly they have the ability to start using it, and will be inclined to help others around them adapt also.

As we discussed earlier, millennials likewise understand exactly what is very important in drawing in more clients and workers. Let them contribute concepts, run your social media channels, help create the site and even make suggestions on how you can much better streamline your technology. By providing some autonomy, and the sensation that their opinion matters, you will create a sense of inclusion, and involvement that will entice more youthful workers to stay.

Millennials long for a sense of function, both at work and in their individual lives. It’s important for candidates to see how they could add to making a positive influence on the community, society, and the environment throughout their profession. Whether it’s through the mission of your business’s service or products, or how your company participates in social work occasions, belonging to something larger will be an essential draw to prospective millennials.


Offer Continuous, Constructive Feedback on Their Performance.


Millennials do not need you to hold their hand, but supplying consistent feedback, and mentorship can go a long way to helping them improve their efficiency, teach them the proper method to carry out tasks and help them feel like they are working to their career achievements. They’re not trying to find a pat on the back– what they desire is positive, one and one notes on how they’re carrying out, what they can do better, and what they’ve done correctly that will keep them on the path to enhancement.